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    Deter Drinking and Driving! Kaohsiung City Announces Names and Shares Photos of Repeat Drunk Driving Offenders, and Those Who Refuse to be Tested Print
      Update Time:2022-08-07 10:59

    Drivers who drink and drive, beware! In order to deter drunk driving, the Transportation Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government (TBKC) has published the names, photos and facts of repeat drunk driving offenders on its official website on April 28, 2022 in accordance with new traffic regulations that impose harsher penalties to prevent the occurrence of drunk driving incidents.
    The TBKC indicated that the new drunk-driving regulations went into effect on March 31, 2022. The new law stipulates that for offenders who have repeatedly committed drunk driving violations, their names, photos and facts of the violations will be publicized if they commit another drunk driving offense or refuse to take a drunk driving test within 10 years, counting from July 1, 2019 onwards. Offenders’ information will be published on the TBKC’s official website starting on April 28, 2022.

    The TBKC stated that there were five repeat drunk driving offenders on the initial announcement on April 28, all of whom were caught driving under the influence of alcohol for the first time between 2020 and 2022 and a second time in early April, meeting the criteria for the punishment of repeat offenders within 10 years as stipulated in the new rules.
    The TBKC indicated that in line with the implementation of the new drunk-driving law, a special section featuring the information of repeat drunk driving offenders had been set up on its official website , and the relevant announcements are handled in accordance with the central government regulations, such as revealing the full name, photo and other personal information of the driver to curb drunk driving and tragic accidents.

    The TBKC calls for motorists to not only avoid drinking and driving but also to avoid driving when hungover. For citizens who need to travel to an establishment that provides alcohol drinks or those that need to travel on the day after consuming alcohol, the TBKC suggests making use of public transportation such as MRT, light rail, buses or taxis. After consuming alcohol, citizens may also consider hiring a substitute driver or ask family members to pick them up. In addition to paying heavy fines, having driver's license revoked and attending road safety training, repeat offenders will have their names, photos and facts published.

    (Responsible Department: Huang Chiung-Chu, Director of Traffic Adjudication Center 0963-111808)