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    “Restricted Stores, Implementation Methods, and Implementation Date for Restrictions on the Use of Plastic Shopping Bags” Amended and Promulgated by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of the Executive Yuan, R.O.C. on August 15, 2017 Circular No. Huan-Shu-Fei-Zih 1060062219 Print
      Update Time:2018-02-26 13:31

    Starting from January 1, 2017, a total of 14 categories of stores shall have to comply with the regulations amended and promulgated this time.

    The main points of the circular are as follows:

    1. Effective Date: January 1, 2018
    2. Applicable Subjects of 14 Categories Including 7 Newly Added Categories: Drug stores/ cosmetic shops/ pharmacies, medical appliances stores, 3C retailers (household appliances & photographic equipment/ information / communications equipment retailers), book/stationery stores, laundries, beverage stores, and bakeries.
    3. Control Methods: The applicable stores shall be prohibited from providing consumers with free “plastic shopping bags”; the thickness limit of plastic shopping bags shall be cancelled (i.e., both thick and thin plastic bags are banned), and the use of biodegradable plastic material is no longer be excluded.
    4. Promotion of the Use of Dual-use Bags (The plastic shopping bags can also be used as the garbage bags): The competent authorities in the area where a garbage-bag levy is imposed may request hypermarkets, supermarkets, and chain convenience stores to sell plastic shopping bags that can also be used as garbage bags.
    5. Recording of Plastic Bag Use: The competent authorities may require the stores to provide information on number of plastic bag consumers and number of plastic shopping bags used within the last 3 (starting from January 1, 2018 onwards) for reference of control and evaluation.
    6. Penalties: Stores that fail to comply with the regulations will receive a warning for first violations in the first year (2018) after the circular comes into effect, and then be punished with a fine according to regulations for the second violations; from the second year (2019) onward, the violators will be punished according to regulations directly. According to Clause 3 of Article 51 of the Waste Disposal Act, a fine of NT$1,200-6,000 will be imposed on stores that violate the regulations.