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Organization & Functions & Tel




    1.Under the leadership of a Supervisor and a Chief Secretary, the District Office is composed of 7 sectional offices, namely Civil Affairs Section, Economic Development Section, Social Affairs Section, Secretary Office, Personnel Office, Accounting Office and Civil Service Ethics Office.

    2.Duties and telephone numbers of various Sections and Offices:

    1. Civil Service Section:  It manages autonomous administration, election affairs, traditional etiquette, custom and religions, land administration, administration of villages and neighbords, environmental hygiene, social education, civil defense, disaster prevention, mediation, national health insurance, residential buildings, welfare of indigenous peoples affairs, management and administration of different kinds of military service administration, bonus affairs, and other items relating to civil administration.  Telephone No.: 07-3513309 extensions 101~108, 113, 115, 158.
    2. Economic Development Section:  It governs basic-level small-size construction, maintenance and improvement projects of roads below 6 meters, encourages farmers to report transferred plantation and fallow, issue of agricultural use permits of farmland, issue of agricultural machinery use permit, issue of certificate of having no farmhouse, agricultural food affairs, livestock farming, factory correction, general industrial and commercial investigation, public utilities, public construction projects and bonuses from Industrial Development Bureau, and items relating to economic construction.  Telephone No.: 07-3513309 extensions 131, 133, 134, 135, 137, 138.
    3. Social Affairs Section:  It administers affairs of social welfare, social aids, disaster relief, community development and other items relating to social administration.  Telephone No.: 07-3513309 extensions 151, 153~157.
    4. Secretariat:  It governs research and evaluation, documentation, filing, general affairs, properties, assistance for income tax affairs and items not belonging to any Sections and offices.  Telephone No.: 07-3513309 extensions 111, 114, 116, 118, 211, 301.
    5. Personnel Office:  It is responsible for personnel disposition of organizations, staff assessment, awards and punishments for staff, duty assignment, salary and welfare of staff, and personnel management businesses such as retirement, bereavement.  Telephone No.: 07-3513309 extensions 121, 122.
    6. Accounting Office:  It carries out comprehensive management of the District Office’s annual accounts, accounting and statistics, prepare the annual budget, and conduct review and approval of funds, as well as supervision and execution items of financial income and expenditure.  Telephone No.: 07-3513309 extensions 251~253.
    7. Civil Service Ethics Office:  It conducts prevention of corruption, civil service ethics investigation, promotion of civil service ethics law, confidentiality of public affairs, and security maintenance for facilities of various Sections and Offices. Telephone No.: 07-3513309 extension 241.