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E-mail Service


    Please feel free to write to the District Chief via

    Dear citizens,
    Please feel free to write emails to the District Chief.  If you have any suggestions or questions concerning our business or administration, please write to us by clicking on the email address of the District Chief.  We shall humbly read your valuable opinions and try our best to make improvements.  However, the District Office shall not deal with any of the following circumstances in accordance with the provisions of law:

    1. In accordance with Article 168 of Administrative Procedure Act, every citizen is entitled to present to competent authorities petitions with respect to proposals on administrative innovations and reforms, inquiries into administrative laws and regulations, reports on acts in breach of law or neglect of administrative duties or protection of the people's rights and interest in administration.  In order to give fast response to your proposals and complaints, we would like you to express concrete substance of your petitions or suggestions on administrative innovations and reforms.  Should your email contain any proposals unrelated to administration of the District (including commercial advertisements), any emotional expressions (such as statement of personal viewpoints), malicious attacks and abuses (involving personal attacks, use of indecent words to fling abuse), or any contents verified to be forgery or false report, your petition shall be left unattended to in accordance with Article 173 of Administrative Procedure Act.
    2. The petition is a repeat or further repeat of the same matter that has been appropriately dealt with and clearly replied.
      In any of the above circumstances, the District Office shall directly delete the message and dispose of it properly in order to protect the rights and interests of you and others.  Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
      If you have any petitions to any related bureaus or departments, please feel free to call  3358080.

      Regulations for handling emails sent to the District Chief’s mailbox, and time and way of replying to the emails:  If the contents of your petition are under the jurisdiction of the District Office, 5 working days (excluding holidays) will be required for dealing with a petition.  If your petition is not under the jurisdiction of the District Office, we shall write to the related bureaus and departments of Kaohsiung City Government to deal with the petition.  If your case is so complicated that we fail to close the case within the specified date, we shall have to extend the deadline.  Nonetheless, an entire case should be dealt with within 30 working days.  The District Office shall reply you by emails.
      Please feel free to write to the District Chief via