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    Introduction of Dashe District

    Brief introduction of the history of the District Office

        During the Japanese colonization period the original location of the District Office was Renwu Village Office (No. 587 Sannai Altar, originally being a Township Office).  After retrocession of Taiwan in 1945, Renwu Village Office was renamed as Renwu Township Office.  On Aug. 15, 1951, as approved by the Department of Civil Affairs of Taiwan Provincial Government, Dashe Township was officially established.  From then on, Dashe Township and Renwu Township were two independent townships.  Renwu Township moved to Renwu, whereas Dashe Township still remained at the original address (currently located on Sanmin Road).  There are 8 villages under Dashe Township, namely Jiacheng Village, Baoshe Village, Dashe Village, Cueiping Village, Guanyin Village, Jhongli Village, Sannai Village and Shennong Village.  In 1998 Dashe Township developed rapidly, and an additional village, Baoan Village was included. Hence, Dashe Township had 9 villages in total.

        In May 1977 Dashe Township Office moved to the current address (i.e. No. 1 Zihciang Street, Dashe Township).  In March 2000, the Township Office was remodeled by changing all the original office tables to be open counters.  This act met the needs of the local citizens and provided convenience for the public coming here for business.
    In 2010 Mr. Zhang Sheng-Fu, the Chief of Dashe Township renewed the poor old facilities of the Township Office, cleaned and cleared the surrounding environment, and added the promotional notice boards of Three Treasures of the Township and Arts and Culture, making the Township Office become a brand new office and turning the environment around to be more elegant and beautiful.
    After merging of Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County on Dec. 25, 2010, Dashe Township Office was officially changed to be Dashe District Office.  Under Dashe District Office, there are still 9 villages, namely Jiacheng Village, Baoshe Village, Dashe Village, Cuiping Village, Guanyin Village, Zhongli Village, Sannai Village, Shennong Village and Baoan Village.