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    Kaohsiung City Government Health Bureau conducted drug safety promotion lectures in 2019. Print
      Update Time:2019-03-17 12:15

    In order to help people establish the concept of correct medication and avoid the harm of health due to wrong drug knowledge, the Kaohsiung City Health Bureau will send staff to schools and civil society to conduct drug safety promotion lectures.

    The lecturer and the fee the lecture receive (NT$1,000) is provided by the Health Bureau.

    school (institution) in willingness to participate in the activity, please fill in the application form and fax to the local pharmacist's association. And then for the confirmation of the lecture and arrangement of the lecturer, please contact with City Pharmacist Association, Kaohsiung to have an inquiry. Staff of City Pharmacist Association, Kaohsiung, Zhang Yaci, Tel: 07-5530155 to 15; for Kaohsiung City First Pharmacist Association, formerly Kaohsiung County, please contact Miss Chen: Tel: 07-7769876.