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    "2019 Handmade Lantern Fighting Creative Competition Guide" for the Banqiao District Office of New Taipei City Print
      Update Time:2019-02-15 15:03

    To promote the folk tradition and carry forward the inherent culture, and stimulate creativeness and display hand-made art, competition will be held as follows: 

    1. Receiving time: from now until January 30, 108.
    2. Competition groups: children's groups, junior high school groups, and social groups.
    3. The theme of the enrollment: The theme of the lantern is "The Year of the Pig" or "The Festival of the Year".
    4. Winning list: It is expected to be announced on the website of our website and the event fan page on January 30, 108.
    5. Awards: The total prize amount is NTD180,000 (for example, the registration form). The top 3 and the best works in each group will be awarded with a prize money, and will be awarded from February 15 to March 3. During the exhibition, the works will be displayed, and the list will be announced separately. The works on display will be selected