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    Forward: Preventive measures for enterovirus Print
      Update Time:2017-10-06 18:39
    1. Prevention of enterovirus at all times- Tips to fight against enterovirus in daily routines

      The enterovirus prevention is integrated into a child’s daily routine, such as “before school”, “at school”, “after school”, etc. We promote 6 steps to prevent enterovirus, such as “washing of hand, and face and changing of clothes before entering the house”, “frequent cleaning of children’s toys”, “frequent sterilization of the surroundings”, “rest at home when fall ill”, “protect and isolate the other child of the family”, and “seek for medical advice immediately if suspected of enterovirus symptoms.” Enhancing the preventive measures in school can prevent the invasion of virus. 
    2. In order to protect the children from virus infection, parents are advised not to allow their children to enter public places and use facilities that will spread enterovirus such as gaming facilities as far as possible.
    3. The “management strategies of symptom progression” for enterovirus is: 1. Active prevention through hand washing, 2. Patients with mild symptom shall rest at home after medical treatment, 3. Patient with severe symptoms need to be treated by the first aid responsibility hospital immediately and implement “washing of hands and face and changing of clothes” after returning home before interacting with infant.