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    We are all pedestrians. Kaohsiung City Government continues to foster a friendly and safe traffic environment. Print
      Update Time:2023-10-03 16:22

    【Kaohsiung News】In order to provide pedestrians with a safer and friendlier traffic environment, the Kaohsiung City Government has actively collaborated with private-sector groups to create a friendlier and safer traffic environment.
    To ensure the safety of pedestrians in traffic, the Executive Yuan issued “Guidelines for Pedestrian Traffic Safety Policy Outline” and “Road Traffic Safety Report of Central Government.” There was a gathering of experts, scholars, and relevant ministries to jointly promote traffic safety-related matters. The city government of Kaohsiung initiated a 10-year “road safety plan” in 2021. This plan incorporates multiple aspects, including improvement strategies, law enforcement measures, educational promotion, and other measures. The objective is to realize the vision of zero fatalities and to continue to improve citywide traffic safety standards.
    According to the Transportation Bureau, the city government prioritizes the safety and comfort of pedestrians within the traffic environment. The improvement area for the August 2020-launched plan to improve sidewalks has reached 135,000 square meters, and another 50,000 square meters are scheduled for completion by the end of 2023, thereby enhancing the quality of the pedestrian road network. Additionally, the city government has substantially increased the budget. In 2022, 545 million Taiwanese New Dollars were invested; in 2023, that number has been increased to 1.06 billion. It has also requested a subsidy from the federal government to improve the pedestrian traffic environment surrounding schools. Moreover, all newly constructed and redesigned roads will prioritize sidewalks as the primary pedestrian facilities to ensure safe pedestrian traffic.
    The city government has installed large pedestrian signs, increased pedestrian passing seconds, added pedestrian scrambles, and added pedestrian shelter islands to provide a place for pedestrians to stop. More than 95% of the approximately 5700 intersections with traffic signs have implemented three-color operations throughout the day to ensure the safety of morning exercisers.
    In addition, the city government has targeted major roads and accident-prone intersections for road lane narrowing, the addition of turning lanes, and other improvements to reduce vehicle speeds and redirect traffic, thereby improving road safety. The city government also utilized “villages” as the unit, establishing an area with safe traffic and tranquility by limiting vehicle speed in residential areas to 30 kilometers per hour, thereby enhancing the traffic safety environment within the communities.
    Regarding public transportation, the city government has aggressively expanded the light rail, MRT, and other systems. It is anticipated that four MRT lines totaling 112 kilometers will be added by 2030, thereby increasing Kaohsiung City's public transportation coverage. Simultaneously, the city government has increased the quality and quantity of public transportation services by implementing the TPASS Commuter Monthly Pass, increasing the density of metro bus stations, and the number of public bicycle stations, giving city residents more mobility options.
    As for the direction of advocacy, the city government emphasizes the idea that “we are all pedestrians once we leave our vehicles” and urges everyone to be more empathetic toward road use, respect the rights of pedestrians and drivers, and thus maintain traffic safety through concerted efforts.
    In order to provide a more pedestrian-friendly environment, the Transportation Bureau is planning to adopt Japan's successful cases, promote pedestrian walking areas, and implement other pedestrian-oriented traffic models. The business communities of Kaohsiung are welcome to participate in modifying the complex environment of people and vehicle mix, thereby making shopping streets safer and more convenient. Residents of the city are encouraged to participate in recreational, shopping, and amusement activities.  
    The Transportation Bureau emphasizes that pedestrian traffic safety has become an essential policy goal. The city government will continue to collaborate with private-sector groups to ensure that everyone can walk safely and freely on city streets and advance the goal of people-oriented transportation.