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    “Electricity-Saving Promotion Activity 2018” held by Taiwan Power Company Print
      Update Time:2018-03-15 14:51
    1. In order to encourage the general public to save electricity, Taiwan Power Company held “Electricity-Saving Promotion Activity 2018,” for to all citizens to sign up for.  Once an applicant has successfully signed up for the activity and is subsequently found to have saved electricity, the applicant will be given a monetary reward.  The degrees of electricity being saved will be shown on the electricity bill.
    2. From today to Dec. 17, 2018, all citizens can visit the website of the activity or the various service centers of our company, or call our Customer Service Center by dialing 1911, to sign up for the activity.  For each electricity bill dated from the day of signing up, citizens having successfully signed up and having saved 1 degree of electricity can obtain a monetary reward of NTD0.6 (if the monetary reward shown on the electricity bill is less than NTD84, the applicant can enjoy a minimum monetary reward of NTD84).  Besides, in order to encourage citizens to sign up for the activity as soon as possible, those applicants completed signing up before Jun. 30, 2018 can enjoy the same electricity-saving bonus even dating back to January 2018.