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    Epidemic Prevention First! Transportation Bureau Initiates Joint Service Measure Print
      Update Time:2021-11-03 14:00

    Citizens who want to visit the Transportation Bureau for services, please pay attention. For the purpose of epidemic prevention, the Transportation Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government has put in place the joint service measure on the first floor of the Financial Services Building since May 24. Apart from staff of the Bureau, invited meeting attendees, and individuals with special reasons, other members of the public are not allowed to enter the building without necessary reasons, so as to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by reducing contact risks.

    Citizens led upstairs by the staff of the Bureau are required to go to the CDC's official account on messaging app LINE and scan the QR CODE shown at the entrances of offices for contact-based registration before entering the designated areas to wait for their applications to be handled. Citizens must not enter non-service areas.

    Invited meeting attendees (with meeting notifications) or individuals with special reasons (with supporting documents) must have their temperatures checked, complete contact-based registration, disinfect hands with alcohol-based disinfectants before entering, and wear masks throughout their stay.

    The Bureau has also set up delivery areas at the Financial Services Building. Home delivery persons must deliver food or products to the delivery area at the main entrance on Jintian Road on the east side or the rear entrance on Bohai Street on the west side.

    The Bureau will continue to fine-tune its epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the pandemic alert level. It also apologizes for any inconvenience the joint service measure may cause at the beginning and appreciate citizens' understanding.

    To prevent cluster infection and reduce visitor flow, the Bureau encourages citizens to use Kaohsiung EasyGo ( to apply for services online, including traffic accident investigation and reconstruction, inquiry of the status of appeals for traffic offenses, traffic ticket inquiry and payment on motor vehicle driver information service, application for online refunds for traffic ticket payments, reporting illegal occupation of off-street dedicated parking spaces, application for licenses for commercial low-speed vehicles with at least three wheels in specific areas, application for advertising vehicles, and application for traffic accident investigations.

    For on-street parking spaces and adjustment of no-parking red and yellow lines, towing appeals, appeals for on-street parking fees, and refund application, citizens can download application forms from the official website of the Bureau, fill out the forms, attach relevant documents, and fax or mail the application forms to the parking management center of the Bureau. Citizens are also encouraged to pay for parking by mobile payment instead of paying over the counter or at convenient stores to avoid contact.

    It is recommended that citizens pay penalties for traffic offenses eligible for payment at convenient stores or post offices using mobile payment services such as Line Pay Money, BeePay, GAMAPAY, Yuanta Mobile Banking App, and motor vehicle driver information service ( or through telephone payment (412-1111 or 412-6666, user code 168#). Shall there are any questions about traffic offenses, citizens can file online appeals on the official website of the motor vehicle driver information service (