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    Ingenuity of Transportation Bureau: Reminding road users of safe driving with signal controller and variable LED message signs Print
      Update Time:2022-08-29 17:16

    “Diversity for traffic safety outreach!” To enhance the outreach of traffic safety and remind citizens to pay attention to traffic safety, the Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau has designed a range of publicity materials through ingenuity. Besides giving a new look to signal controllers, KTB has also installed various LED message signs at traffic black spots to remind road users to pay attention to traffic safety with eye-catching signs.

    According to the Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau, the four styles of eye-catching and easy-to-understand traffic safety publicity materials currently designed will be posted on the signal controller enclosures. The themes of these materials focus on the common causes of traffic accidents including follow traffic signals, no drunk driving, stop for pedestrians and drive slowly. The contents are “Slow down, watch and stop at road junctions and drive according to the signals,” “Think before you drink: Think of your family and yourself,” “Give way to ducklings, slow down at road junctions and stop for pedestrians,” “Slow down! Drive slowly for more peace. Speeding kills, and no speeding is key to safety.” Variable message signs will be installed on main roads progressively.

    Variable LED message signs will be installed at traffic black spots, including the ground access located west of the junction of Jhongjheng 1st Road and the freeway in Lingya District, the junction of Minzu 1st Road and Mingcheng 1st Road in Sanmin District, the junction of Dajhong 1st Road and Dingjhong Road in Sanmin District, Cueihua Road/Chongde Road/Sinjhuangzih Road in Zuoyyíng District, Gaonan Highway/Shueiguan Road in Nanzih District.

    Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau added, eye-catching and message carousels are the advantages of variable LED message signs. The message contents include the common causes of traffic accidents of the respective road junctions, including “follow traffic signals and speed limits,” “slow down and keep safety distancing,” “drive to the right and turn on the indicator in advance before turning right,” “slow down, watch and stop at road junctions; stop, watch and listen for pedestrians.” These messages are very suitable for reminding road users at traffic black spots.

    Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau urges, besides following the speed limit and no speeding, drivers should also slow down at road junctions, follow traffic signals and focus on driving to protect their safety and that of others.

    (Responsible department: Chief Wen Che-chin, Traffic Engineering Division, 0916717728)