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    Environmental Protection Bureau Kaohsiung City Government, Resource recycling announcement - Paper and paper containers are recycled separately. Do the recycling well for the earth. Print
      Update Time:2018-06-21 17:34

    Every year, an average of 5 billion paper meal boxes and 1 billion paper cups are used in Taiwan, which means the need for paper containers is extremely large in Taiwan. Paper cups, paper boxes, and paper tableware belong to the category of “container” in the announcement of Environmental Protection Bureau. However, the public often mistaken “paper container” for “paper” and cause the processing problem at the rear end.

    Environmental Protection Bureau Kaohsiung City Government, reminds the public that the leftover liquid in “paper containers” has to be removed before recycling. If it belongs to kitchen waste, it should be in the kitchen waste bin. The straws have to be taken from the drink containers, and the plastic seals have to be torn. Wash, wipe, and flatten the containers before giving them to the recycling truck. Due to the difference in materials, if paper and paper containers are not sorted property, the recycling and reusing efficiency will be reduced. We’d like to ask the public not to mix paper and paper containers in recycling to implement the recycling and reuse of the resources.