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    Manufactures the harp carefully manually


    Harp' s English be called "HARP ",Chinas weigh it for "harp ",most gets up early root ancient Egypt and Greece wait for field, later gradually introduction Europe, South America come up to Asia wait for field。At abouted front in 1,000, harp has already had equivalent to extent' s fashion, so that time in spite of in palace, or in temple, harp all is quite important musical instrument.

    Harp in itself is a kind of plucked string instrument, his exteriority rich refined aesthetic feeling and princely curve, tone color gorgeous, mystery, fingers rise bring forth be like natural and smooth effect, it not only can solo play, heavy take, much can for other musical instrument accompaniment with play together, is a kind of multi- function sexual musical instrument.


    Origins with development
    "skill tone harp ",create begin from in 1976, is Taiwan unique harp profession manufacture factory。Establish person li wu nan Mr. original is a violin teacher, experience near 20 year teaching career behind at him, seems to is god' s arrangement, then year let he contact go harp this musical instrument at 1974 thises, then this open Taiwan harp musical front door.

    Establish early days, he all day long buries head researches, continuals research betterment, at dives into countless times, energy with fund, experiences number ten time fail, and goes abroad inspect behind world every nation known harp factory, finallies at be borned Taiwan 1 harp in 1976.

    Because Li Wu male Mr. have to harp most lofty ambition and most sincere passionation, puts to most whole life time dedicate behind at him, finallies successful carve out international market under limited source, will harp sell world 20 redundant countries; and on superb and low price, absolutely wins every nation harp yan zou jia with manufacturer admire with sureness。The most important exactly let the whole world all know Taiwan not culture desert, artistical not civilization area, we too have ability manufacture this kind of world top- grade refine musical instrument.

    Aim with ambition
    We hope some day popularize under at all harp worker cooperate fully, can at Taiwanese a corner, noes matter how ravine, seaside, or on lawn, …… all can see someone bosom harp finger chant side brook, will too all can hear harp musical sound round liang not cut off; much hope can will it popularize become family melt the whole people musical instrument, meanwhile educate the authorities stand by under at music, do will Taiwan make become unique harp kingdom! Do mutual encouragement zhi! !
    Wish- - ---World biggest harp philharmonic society be borned at domestic.
    Would rather- - ---Future can become world harp kingdom.
    Expect hope- - ---Taiwan becomes the second Viennas, even outreach zhi.

    Establishes people bright red that virtue' s word
    This several comes I interview four several countries in ten, discovers despite Europe, beauty, day. ..Waits for every nation, to harp likes all have corresponding extent。But domestic harp environment but all the time can not breakthrough, so I all the time languish research, wants seek come out a sum of really be able to popularize harp' s effective means. ...Finallies several year at this, finish "bright red that virtue harp teaching system "conception.

    Hope at "bright red that virtue harp educate popularize center "full power pushes under, and combines whole nation harp educator' s joint effort, will be not jiu de future, makes Taiwan everywhere all can share harp' s fascination with elegant demeanor, does even popularize go world every place!
    Does please everybody common come create Taiwan become a harp kingdom!