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Mount Guanyin new scenic spot


    Crowd monkey altogether construct: Opens opposite roadside a a hundred years old construct tree at the beginning of slate pencil, crowd monkey play day long, long many trees tumor on bole, or big or small, or single or crowd, likes pole nifty monkey at climb climb.

    Fragrant nan qi mu: At north Mount Guanyin mountain brook beach swale, survive a three people enclose hug fragrant Nan on hillside, there are four floors high, belong to difficult can rare at whole Mount Guanyin area.

    Ancient banyan dish of root: Behind old home cemetery ground, climbs mountain two ancient banyans reveal root illegally or forcibly occupy mountain wall on path, forms spectacular sight and can borrow do climb mountain step foot place.

    Shanghai library

    Shanghai library: Locates in old home cemetery ground posterior "ancient banyan dish of root ",because radices mistake section, shape quite oddity, is Mount Guanyin burgeoning scenic spot.In picture: Mount Guanyin new scenic spot "crowd monkey altogether construct ".

    Right picture

    Right picture: Mount Guanyin new scenic spot "fragrant nan qi mu ",needs three peoples so big that one can just get one.