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Climbing Route


    North Mount Guanyin
    1. University passes by play mountain garden of behind right turn go emerald green screen mountain house, two metres wide path shade of forest water clear straight on have a rest area behind farm.
    2. Emerald green lake entrance along Huanshan Rd. goes east on May pavillion behind environmental protection park, descends behind that be left turn estate road about 400 meters, right goes hathpace in the same direction path steep fall go lotus pond platform pavillion side have fragrant nan qi mu.

    South Mount Guanyin
    1. Beauty spot great will show front south turn five metres yan lane blacktop obey travel 500 meters, obeys left three metres climb mountain mouth along compare big road obey menstruate environmental protection park behind, export that be big sense temple.
    2. Your Highness mansion or phoenix appearance palace front porch climbs mountain cement ladder ascend the stairs, goes obey Chieh left turn can reach day hole behind big platform, platform place has big shale tie stone in carve how to, leans against you eye know.